Setting up for the first time

What you'll need

Picking a wall

Find a bouldering wall that is slightly overhung. This tends to make the wall darker and easier to project on even in brightly lit gyms. Since many of these games are built for speed, climbers don't have much time to think about moves on the wall. Because of this, use easier holds to keep climbers safe and make games more approachable. Overlapping V0-V1 routes work great. We've found that even with easy holds, advanced climbers will have plenty of fun doing the games by competing with each other or doing the game as fast as possible.

Setting up your location

Place your table about 15-20 ft away from the wall and place the projector and laptop on the table. Find the nearest power outlet and run extension cords from the outlet to your wall and plug everything together. Once that's done, turn your projector on and start projecting. Some projectors also have tilt adjustment which can help if the wall is heavily overhung and distorts the projection. Be sure to focus the projector lense for a sharp image.

Setting up your computer

For best results, use Google chrome when viewing the game. Fullscreen your chrome window to hide your tabs and menu bar with F11 on Windows or ⌘+Shift+F on Mac, or use these instructions. To exit full screen, use the same command to return to the normal view. If the projection is too small, you may use cmd + on Mac or ctrl + on windows to zoom in. If the projection is too big, use cmd - on Mac or ctrl - on windows.

Route setting

Use your mouse to drag the holds to set your route. Place the holds on flat sections of the wall for maximum visibility (not on hand holds). Most other items in the game can be moved around by dragging to increase visibility. Your game will save your route setting for the next time the game is run and you can reconfigure it anytime by dragging.

Setup on an easy bouldering wall with overlapping v0-v1 routes. This allows people of all skill levels to do it and still provide a challenge for experienced climbers. Mild overhang preferred for better lighting, and climber safety on falls.

Deleting bad scores

In some cases, you might accidentally enter bad data into the high score page. If that happens, you can delete the entry by hovering over it and hitting the X button that appears next to it, or hit the Clear All button to delete all scores for the game.