Augmented Reality Climbing

Bring live action video games to your customers for under $100.

What you'll need

Ideally your wall will be about 10 feet wide, but you can go bigger or smaller depending on your facility and projector

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Bouldering Wall
Any regular laptop or computer will work fine. If your laptop has a webcam built in you can use that, or you add an external camera as well

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Laptop &
You don't need any special or expensive projector, but there are some minimum specs

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Get more revenue and more members

Make your gym shine

With our cutting edge tech on hand you'll have party games, social media content, and marketing ideas to wow your customers

Easy to set up

You need a computer, projector, and a webcam. Just point everything at your climbing wall


Set up your hardware
All of our games run off the website, just sign in and play


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The configuration process is completely intuitive and instructions are included for each game


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Just reach out and ask. We have helped a lot of gyms showcase this cutting edge technology. Yours could be next!