What is Randori?

Randori is an evening coding workshop specializing in helping beginners learn to code. Don't have any experience? Perfect! We'll help you create a learning plan and get started! Got a personal site, or startup project you're working on? Drop in and get help from industry pros.

How It Works

Our philosophy is simple: Learn by doing. Randori is not a passive learning experience. You'll be grouped with other members by subject to learn as a team. Work with your team to find the resources that click for you and learn together. When you need help, ask your team for a fresh set of eyes and see if you can solve the problem together. Still stuck? Ask one of our advisors and we'll point you in the right direction.

As a beginner, if you're starting out fresh on a new topic, explore resources online and in the knowledge base and share them with your teammates. We'll get you in the habit of checking in with them so everyone can learn from each other. Once you're done learning the concepts, pick a personal project and dive in! If a new project seems daunting, don't worry! Your team and your advisors will act as your safety net.

What To Bring

All you need is a laptop, power cord, and an ID to get into the building.

What you can learn

While Randori supports technologies that can be used for web development, UX, rapid prototyping, web scraping, and mobile development, each advisor and member brings in their own unique experiences and skillset to Randori. This means the skills you'll be able to learn are not necessarily limited to the above. Ask your advisors and fellow members what they do and treat each connection you make at Randori as a potential learning opportunity.

Ready to Learn?

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