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Pairs Point Race Manual

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How to Play:

Pairs of players race to see how many points they can rack up before they fall off. Each player on a pair is assigned a color. They can only activate points of that color. As a pair, they must traverse the wall and touch the numbered points at the same time to activate them. They must touch all the dots in order together. Teams start at the #1 point, and try to touch all other points in order. Once players get to the last dot, they can continue scoring by going back to the first point and going through the circuit again. Record points by hitting the spacebar when both players touch their respective numbered point at the same time. Once the team has finished, reset the dots for the next person by hitting enter.


Spacebar to start the game
Spacebar to mark a dot as touched
Enter to end the game and reset


First time setting up? Check out our setup tips here!

Remember: If you aren't using a day pass or a subscription, the game will exit automatically after a few minutes.

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