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Point Circuit Trainer

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How to Play:

Players race to see how many points they can rack up before they fall off. To play, each player starts at the 1 dot, and tries to touch each one in order. Once players get to the last dot, they can continue scoring by going back to 1 and going through the circuit again. Record points for each player by hitting the spacebar when they touch a dot. Once the player is done, reset the dots for the next person by hitting enter.


Spacebar to start the game
Spacebar to mark a dot as touched
Enter to end the game and reset


This game can also be used with a time limit instead of waiting for them to burn out and fall off the wall. We recommend starting at 3 minutes and moving up depending on the strength of the climbers.

First time setting up? Check out our setup tips here!

Remember: If you aren't using a day pass or a subscription, the game will exit automatically after a few minutes.

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